KRIX LX-7 LCR Speaker open box

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LX-7 open box
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Krix LX-7 LCR Speaker


  • Three 90 x 90 Krix short-throw waveguides
  • Suitable for mounting below or above your screen
  • Included bracket to be mounted flush or at adjustable angles up to 15 degrees




It’s not a soundbar… it’s a sound experience.

Cinema Black with grille and bracket

LX-7 75

LX-7 85

LX-7 100


The LX-7 is a stylish, high-performance passive loudspeaker, custom-built in Australia for screen sizes 75 inch and above.


Featuring left, centre and right channels, it can be combined with surround speakers and an AVR/processor to create a genuine, immersive cinema soundscape without the need for virtual or ‘bouncing’ effects. The sleek design requires minimal space above or below your screen. The LX-7 is intended to be combined with a Krix subwoofer(s) to accurately reproduce the lowest frequencies for the very highest level of home cinema performance.


Tilting bracket

Using the included bracket, the LX-7 can be mounted flush against the wall or at adjustable angles up to 15 degrees for optimal sound dispersion.


Tonally matched

The LX-7 is tonally matched to all Krix surround and overhead speakers.


Unparalleled Sound 

Three 90 x 90 Krix short throw waveguides significantly improve dispersion characteristics and increase efficiency for very high output levels.


For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.