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Ambassador Black

Ex floor stock

2 single chairs only





• Power Recline and Power Headrests

• USB port included in cupholder

• Stainless Steel Refrigerated LED Cupholders

• Perfect View Headrest design

• Comfort Coil Spring Seats with Chaise padded footrest

• Smart Box design (no back flap)

• Near-the-wall Power Recline

• Ganging devices installed to lock the chairs together


If you are ready to create a home theatre with a unique seating experience, then Row One theatre chairs offer all the possibilities you can imagine.

  • Comfort –Row One theatre chairs also offer the best of both comfort and style. Not only can you easily match your preferred theatre chairs to your home décor, but you can also choose the fabrics, leather, or gel seating that makes your home entertainment space truly comfortable. The minutest details are what make your Row One theatre chairs the best choice, from the mobile headrest to the Bluetooth speakers and the ability to recline into your favourite position.

  • Custom – It wouldn’t be Row One if you couldn’t customise your theatre chairs to your space and your home theatre needs. With these theatre chairs, you can enjoy high-quality home furnishings that make your theatre room look and sound its best.