KRIX CYCLONIX Active Subwoofer

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high excursion 18” bass driver internal amplifier heavily braced enclosure

The Krix Cyclonix offers a unique solution for those seeking to recreate the lowest possible audible frequencies in their home cinemas. This is achieved through the use of a high excursion 455mm (18”) bass driver, featuring a 100mm (4”) coil, powerful vented magnetic circuit, optimum cooling system which provides fast heat exchange, reduced thermal power compression and double spider assembly. Mounted in a dual front vented enclosure and tuned to achieve maximum output, the result is an incredibly efficient subwoofer for high drive level applications. The Cyclonix includes proprietary Krix rubber feet for improved acoustic isolation on hard and soft floor surfaces. The Cyclonix Active is driven by the KDSA (Krix Digital Sub Amplifier)Class D ICE amplifier, making the most of the highly efficient design. Self protection is built into the amplifier, with limiting ensuring that the bass driver will not be damaged. Being front vented, the Cyclonix is room friendly and can be easily mounted into a false baffle wall or behind an acoustically transparent screen. The enclosure is constructed of high quality MDF and uses the proprietary Krix ‘X’ brace system to eliminate panel resonances

Frequency Range:20Hz - 250Hz (-10dB)Output:127dB maximum SPL in room responseBass Driver(s):Single 455mm (18”) paper cone driver. 100mm (4”) edge-wound copper voice coil, dual spider assembly and vented magnet assemblyPower On/Off:Adjustable ‘Auto Sensitivity’ and 12V trigger settingPhase Select:0 or 180 degreeLow Pass Filter:50-200Hz or bypassInputs:Stereo line level RCA, high level binding postsEnclosure Type:Bass reflex, front vented, heavily bracedDimensions:1200mm high x 670mm wide x 405mm deepWeight:63kg